After some consideration I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter who wins because what there is to win is broken and beyond fixing by the minds that uphold it and can only be endured until it finally falls apart; and then what?

The walls of the system have been shorn up so much that it groans apart at the seams; and why? Partly because it’s rotten to the core, and partly because those that made and run the system don’t have a bloody clue and look to each other for answers, but any answers that come are more of what is wrong with the system and you can’t fix the problem by what causes it.

Whatever promises are made by the crooked politicians are just that: promises that they just don’t keep after winning or cheating their way into office. And though some may be passionate about what they believe will fix the problems, history shows that it will only be a stop-gap at best and that the flawed system that best serves the privileged few to the detriment of those beneath them can only fail in its unsustainability and distance it has from those it is supposed to serve.

Time to get out of Dodge? Where would you go? The system spreads to the corners of the Earth and discontent erupts. Greed, lust, anger, ego and fear are rampant and the only answer that has any chance for this planet is for peace to break out, not the peace that the politicians push that comes from the absence of war but the peace that comes from the heart of the individual, and if enough of us feel peace then we can make the change we all want.

Is there an ambassador of peace in this world, and might his name be known?

If that one is here now on this planet alive and kicking and spreading peace wherever he goes so that all know it and feel it in their lives, isn’t that a cause for celebration and hope?

And might that one be revered above the madness that seems so prevalent?

It has been said that he comes when we most need him to, but not in a form from the past but as a new inspiration that best serves what is needed now.

Peace has never been needed more, and that one is here and it is time to turn away from the madness and find the promise of peace within that everyone can have for the asking.

Ask and you shall receive the knowledge of the self that is beyond the programming of the system.

But who would you ask? The government, the pope, the Dalai Lama, religion, some sports idol, spiritualism, philosophy, one of the past masters, the god that no one knows, or perhaps the ambassador of peace who is here now and spreads his knowledge of peace to all who would listen.

To paraphrase something he says: ‘What you are looking for is within you, and I can help you find it.’

So, for those who are interested I would like to introduce the ambassador of peace, Mr Prem Rawat.