quantum science

It’s possible that the void is filled with particles so small they can’t be detected and this is why light gains a top speed of 186000 miles per second and goes no faster.

In a true void light would not be held back; but then without these extremely small particles light may not be able to travel at all.

For all intents and purposes a void is a void if it is deemed empty of all measurable substances; but it is possible that there is no true void and that it is filled with a substance that is no substance and so can’t be detected or measured and that is why light travels in waves and particles both.

Sound won’t travel in a void because the particles are too small to carry the sound waves; but light, being a higher energy makes use of this invisible substance to travel along similar to the way sound uses the atmosphere to travel.

This has yet to be proved and so remains a theory and like Zen this can best be understood when you don’t say anything about it at all.




Way down below in the kitchenous sinkhole of materialism of mortality where the soup of stuff was being stirred by the loving hands of the soup maids was a spiral of discontent along the curved space time of another reality (there being so many of them it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all) where the seven spiders of oblivion were having a discourse on what could not be said and it is around here that butterfly Joe the butterfly came along and beat his wings causing an effect, not of one but two singular exceptions in the space time continuum that made another reality open up and this is where anyone with any sense to do so would go and get a cup of coffee and forget all about quantum theory and perhaps even put the cat out.

Quantum theory aside for a moment; when you come across the kundalini borderline as you will do sooner or later, don’t be afraid, it’s just another singularity plural around a big seeming fire that you will have to dive into to progress on the road of knowledge.

You could liken it to a black hole if you want to but for me it is where everything is stripped away as it has to be so that all that is left is the being, that singular nothing that is left when all things have been discarded and there is nothing left but the baseline of who you really are and then in that state your quest becomes fulfilled as up from the depths draws near as near that which cannot be divided or separated.

This is the holy grail of quantum physics; no machine yet made can measure this or record it and no words can describe it and so perhaps quantum physics has gone as far as it can go in its present form when this knowing has been reached.

It is feasible that a time will come when quantum physics will merge with other disciplines such as Zen Buddhism, Tao practice or Hatha yoga to finally understand that there is no final solution and that life is ongoing and flows its own way regardless, perhaps to the conclusion that the mind is enough to penetrate the mysteries up to the point where only the heart can go further and that the answer is where it has been all along in the heart of the human being and that although you can write seemingly forever on endless paper it can never be explained or defined in this way, or any other way, for the very defining of it is like a beam from the sun landing on Earth and turning to dust and then put in a bottle which is then displayed in a museum with the legend written on it: this is what the sun is.

For the more advanced and enlightened quantum theorists the turning point of the understanding will come in a blazing epiphany or even perhaps just a turning in the intelligence layers where an understanding will come and all things will fit into place.

This is the first step to knowing; from this knowing all things can be penetrated; for those in the know this is true enlightenment and it is here where all traces of imagination fall away and the naked being can be and all concepts and theories at this point are left behind for knowing supersedes everything.

The time is nearing when no other mechanism but the enlightened human being will be enough to advance in the mysteries and to enlighten others, and in this way, when the student calls the master will answer.

The old paradigms are no longer serving humanity and so are falling away into the illusion they came from, although some still use them as stepping stones out of a lingering fear but that also is disappearing to be replaced with a courage to understand the deeper mysteries and in this way the student, be it in quantum physics or just layman thirst to know will begin the inner journey to what has never been closer and yet has always seemed so far away.

This far awayness may have been a deliberate and perhaps unconscious miss-direction by institutions that should know better, but the great awakening of humanity that is now happening is beginning to question the miss-directions and so come to know for themselves rather than believe what has been told down to them for so long a time in our history.

The reason it is happening now is because when enough people know a thing it seems by some unknown design to spread to the wider populace by a remote osmosis and so the truth spreads and is unstoppable as has been proved in many ways, such as when a group of monkeys on a remote island learned how to use a tool, and then other monkeys far away on the mainland also learned how to use this tool, with no contact between them.

The knowing had spread through some invisible means off the island to the larger community.

Quantum physics has come to the point of understanding that the emptiness between all apparent things is not so empty after all and that it is perhaps real and it is the apparent things that are an illusion and that solids are only solid because of the speed that particles spin at which make it seem solid when in fact it is mostly empty and yet full of something that has not yet been measured or seen.

This makes some people hop up and down in frustration to find all their endeavours have brought them back to where they began to begin to understand; and perhaps new theories will be made to understand ever deeper and yet always to be brought back to begin to understand.

Such a quandary, that the tools made are of the illusion and can only measure the illusion, for what is real can only be felt in the heart.




The truth, like an important rainstorm has much to say in its nature and is usually profound, but not always, it can fizzle out or even fade into the next knowledge base to come along; but in so much as it’s raining then the newness of that is its reality.

Some perceived truths are a waste of time in the time and non-time of it all and quite often lead down wrong avenues, as the Greeks with their geometry patterns theory that led the minds of the time to bully up their ideas for one and all that spread far and wide and although the Greek theory of geometry has its place and can be used as a stepping stone, recent quantum theory has surpassed that in the search for the basic building blocks of the stuff of all that is perceived that is; but so far no solid platform to build from has been formulated beyond theory.

But as has been said, it may be time to go beyond theory to find a solid foundation to build theories of knowing from.

Explanations abound and could fill the milky way with their theories, but a theory is a theory is a theory and has its basis in what if and then calculate up to prove it in some way until the next theory comes along to either disprove it or show the next stepping stone.

“Oh please,” said the little well to the ocean, “what are you trying to tell me?”

The ocean raised its eyes to the Heavens and got out the old fallback blackboard.

“Now pay attention,” it said and began chalking squiggles over its surface.

“...and so, E equals energy, M equals mass and c is the speed of light squared which is something Einstein thought up a while back which made perfect sense at the time but is now looking a tad outdated, what with one thing and another that has come along since then.”

“Oh,” said the little well squirming around and wanting to go out and play.

“Attention deficit disorder,” screamed the attention police and jabbed the little well full of drugs of conformity to make it behave within the parameters of all the many laws of learning in the established establishments establishing the set education so it would fit in to the system set up to perpetuate the system for the elite to remain at the top of their pile of wealth.

“And now that we have your attention, what’s left of it, repeat after me: one and one equals two.”

“Duh,” said the little well.

“Ok, this one’s ready, ship it away to the pits, type D, class A fodder,” said the voice of the system and off went the little well without a sound to quietly die a living death for the rest of its existence breaking rocks for the system while all the while the elite lavish in their luxury with more than enough to last them for ten thousand years each.

Which brings me to my next train of thought: why is the speed of light set at 186000 miles per second, and is there anything faster?

As to the first one, no one knows why but that it is a fixed constant and can be used to measure other things by.

And, nothing is faster than light.

If time and space are not real as proposed by the Eastern mystics and the new quantum physics thinking then that which is indefinable is everywhere and any part of it can appear instantly in any other part or field of view by the observer of it in that moment which makes it pretty fast and certainly far faster than light; and if space and time are illusion yet set by immutable laws where light as an open constant yet fixed at 761 million miles an hour then the mind boggles at how huge the known universe it.

Running backwards at the speed of light would be a pretty neat trick but the legs would wear out immediately and the rest of the body would disintegrate in the atmosphere; but of course I hear you say, light only reaches light speed in a vacuum so it would not be possible to go that fast while still on planet Earth.

How long does it take light to reach light speed?

If light was sealed inside a box would it disappear, and if it does, where does it go?

Suppose a spark of light could be generated inside of a perfect sphere that was a mirror on the inside, would the light bounce around forever or would it extinguish? Or to put it another way: if the sun was to extinguish instantly would all the light also disappear?

Perhaps the answer lies in the stars of those suns that are no longer there and yet the light of them still shines as if they were still there.

Einstein proved that light is its own form and that once made it travels on regardless of source until it becomes what it isn’t.

So, what is light?  Light is energy and has a momentum of photons in waves with particles here and there dancing the dance; but relative spatial and temporal specifications aside and words of common usage of course, light seen from a philosophical point of view is good for the observer to be able to see.

Reality transcends ordinary language and advanced logic is bound within its concepts, in other words, if logic is a space-ship in outer space the occupants inside are bound by its life giving embrace of atmosphere and walls and although it may be able to travel around a little bit here and there, still, everything known must be known from inside that sphere of holding.

So, if I’m here and not here at the same time then where am I really?

To answer that question we must digress beyond the point of no return where we return again and again and again in the age old karmic cycles that sooner or later we must break out of to go deeper into that being, non-being that has no name.

This delicious circle of duality has its hind feet in the gravy of the law until the lesson has been learnt and then we are free to fly away.

The such-ness of now as shown by the dancing god Shiva to the Hindu followers to name one god is of such perfection no words can describe it; similarly the end game of quantum physics holds much the same outcome relatively speaking and so language has to be gone beyond; but we’re a little bit stuck on the page so far as that is concerned so let’s do an experiment and throw a stone into the mind’s waters and see what the ripples do:

In a clean pond of thought the stone might become absorbed and transmuted thereby becoming what it is surrounded by; but the opposite is not always true.

A muddied mind will take on the energy of the stone and may even fly off and become a storm after which the ripples can be detected for a long time afterwards and quite often go beyond the borders of its boundaries and affect other minds.

Transmuting the stone into mirth can have profound and immediate measurable effects upon the ripples whereby influencing them into another form of energy that can have a different affect to the original stone.

This effect is called balancing the waves and is transmutational energy caused by thought in its basic state.

The power of thought is able to influence matter through measurable electromagnetic energy generated within itself by thought alone.

This phenomenon has baffled scientists since it was first discovered and remains a mystery to logical thought to this day.

A still mind on the other hand has no energy of cause and so no effect is generated, whereas a muddied mind makes causes left right and centre and consequently the effects can be measured and even seen by the naked eye.

So in the such-ness of now with an untroubled mind the dance can be enjoyed with no fear of cause and effect.

This frequency is of such a high energy only the human being is able to experience it and indeed no other device is allowed in.  Which brings me to my next point of reference, that the outsider has to go through the door to experience this, and to do that all made devices have to be left outside, so it is small wonder quantum theory and indeed all other disciplines fall short of discovering the holy grail they try so hard to discover, for to define it is to make it into what it is not; and undefined it will remain a mystery.

This quandary is called the tuppence worth of buddence effect and is not to be confused with basic quantum theory or any other theory for that matter.

Now, out past the edges of all things where nothing is perceived and light has yet to go, the boot strap theory might not have much effect and would maybe not do much, and in fact, in such a vacuum might even shrivel up and disappear altogether, but nobody knows for sure and what does it matter anyway, if there’s no one there to see it then who cares? And such an experiment may not be of much use except perhaps in a purely distant academic form of research that could never be carried out unless the aliens had a super fast space-ship to take scientists there and back, but then it would no longer be empty space and so would negate any resulting research made by being there.

So how do you observe without observing?

It seems thought alone is not enough.

“Come in CQ; Come in CQ.”

“CQ calling, what is it you want?”

“I need an answer to an insolvable problem.”

“Oh-oh, CQ over and out.”

Not all theory can be explained, quantified, qualified, or calculated and so remains a theory until new thought produces an answer but by that time yet more theories will come along that have to be proved, so in a way quantum metaphysics is a waiting game that needs lots of patience.

 end of part one...