Blue-Jane was reading a note that the moon had left outside her tent:

In the undefined moments of awakening only time, when it bends over backwards can travel faster than light so there’s no use moaning you can’t catch up with your old life that’s gone on ahead of you and is dancing the jig where you most long to be.

But, when you find yourself pulling the mosquito radio all the way to your happy place where it dies the death you can applaud and say: ‘done it again,’ and then go look for a room to stay in that has a blanket on the bed to keep you warm.

Surgically dissecting this snippet of information with your mind will not bring on enlightenment or anything else for that matter but could spontaneously combust at some future date, so pay attention to every word and take notes as you go along to reach a conclusion only your training and upbringing can reach in the jolly old jolly oh.

When in between times of all this you come across what seems suspiciously like a walking excuse to have fun that is indistinguishable from any scarecrow and is seen heading south then you can crank up the wireless and call home to leave your name and address with the answering machine not yet awake and still in pyjamas.

And watch out for any spilled juice that’s been left behind from the party of the night before that was last seen celebrating the day after it began and give a dog a bone and call it sixpence.

Now, furthermore to this and not to be mistaken in the new sunrise with anything else, you may experience experiential difficulties in the sublime of what you wake up to and so it will not come as a surprise to be so told this is so unless you weren’t paying attention and find it otherwise and so in that case just remember the mosquito radio and all you’ve escaped from, this will give you a huge boost of self confidence, just don’t go hiding in the bushes where the government agents are waiting to take you away to question you forever about everything you are thinking and record it in the big black book, yes indeed, don’t go getting yourself in the big black book, in fact don’t go getting yourself into anything, just keep on going until you’ve made it, and then you can turn around and go back again if there’s nowhere else to go, unless the seemingly seamless crack in all things invites you in to tea and a cream bun and then you can explain your intentions, just don’t be disappointed if you’re mistaken for someone else and have to start all over again from the beginning. On the other hand you could just enjoy what comes and save yourself the time of saying the same thing twice.

If when in the place of your downfall you find yourself thinking too much and filing out the exit terms of departure you can count yourself lucky you’re only a stranger in a strange land and not the frog in the throat of someone else that’s beating to death with a big stick the old question that can’t be answered.

Nevertheless be on your guard just in case and never put yourself between anything but clean white sheets, unless you want to sing the song that can never be heard in the basement of the castle on the hill where nothing is ever heard and repeat after me this all until you expire.

No, don’t go there into that snapper that will have you running up the flag of surrender in no time at all.  But if in time you find yourself where you most want to be then give yourself a pat on the back and grin from ear to ear the grin only you know how to do.

It is around here you can take out your sandwiches and stop for lunch and shoot the breeze with any passing bystander looking on and wondering where you came from out of it all to be where you are.

When the time comes to wrap it up be conscientious in your disposal of anything unwanted in your progress to become an open book where the dust of your becoming is exposed for all to see.

But if you do have to leave footprints behind you then let them be the ones that the wind can blow away with ease and the waves of the ocean can wash clean again to leave no sign of your passing this way come.

And take with you only the joy felt deep inside where the love is the size of your heart and needs no explanation in the garden where you come from.

This map is an idea that time will only take you as far as time allows and being read suggests no more than it does; so never let it be said that something can’t be said if it’s worth saying.

So I hope this clarifies it all for you where the leaving is but an arrival somewhere else, but if not then come back tomorrow and we’ll try again.

This is the philosophy of a scarecrow in disguise on the mosquito radio reciting the terms of the changing times.

PS, stop when you get to Heaven.

Next morning after breakfast Blue-Jane set off to continue her adventures and got as far as CIA headquarters in Kentucky before her shoe came off and the story ended.